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KRTC Past and Present

Our Heritage

Kirklees Rebound Trampoline Club was founded in 1974, the year after Huddersfield Sports Centre was first opened and has been situated within the Sports Centre ever since.

The founder members were Barry Peaker, Peter Barker, Janet Howard and June Wellick. Barry Peaker has been the Head Coach since it's inception and continues to lead the Club today.


Since 1974 the Club has developed from a small recreational team to a highly competitive club with a number of accolades to its name.


In 2000, Barry Peaker was awarded British Trampoline Federation (BTF) Coach of the Year, which honoured his dedication to the sport and his ability to develop elite performers.


The following gymnasts have trained under Barry's guidance and represented the Club in competition.


Olympic Reserve

Simon Milnes


World Champions

Nicola Burton, Tony Harrison


World Championships Competitors

Richard Hellawell, Nathan Walters, Rayna Moorhouse, Katie Loizou, Adam Secker


International Competitors

Richard Hellawell, Nathan Walters, Tony Harrison, Nicola Burton, Rayna Moorhouse, Katie Loizou, Adam Secker, Debbie Nicholson, Julie Oliver McLoughlin, Chris Mayo, Aaron Johnson, Nicola Burgin, Simon Milnes, Ellie Dixon-Jackson


British Champions

Nicola Burton, Adam Secker, Sean McLoughlin, Debbie Nicholson, Nicola Eder, Rosalind Kemp, Danielle Howard, Simon Milnes


National Competitors

Richard Hellawell, Nicola Burton, Adam Secker, Katie Loizou, Rayna Moorhouse, Nathan Walters, Tony Harrison, Anna Valentine, Julie Oliver, Sean McLoughlin, Debbie Nicholson, Emma Cromack, Dave Koskuba, Chris Mayo, Paul Greaves, Aaron Johnson, Nicola Burgin, Nicola Eder, Rosalind Kemp, Rachael Crowther, Dot Hatcher, Danielle Howard, Simon Milnes, Ellie Dixon-Jackson, Ian Mylett, Deborah Netton, Katherine Stone, Helena Boryslawskyj, Rebecca Taylor, Chloe Foster, Rhiana-Deen Hine.


There are many more members of the club who have competed at regional level, so many in fact, it would be impossible to list them all. You know who you are and we love you. x

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