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Covid-19 Update

Now that the temporary closure of our club has been confirmed due to Coronavirus, it is important that we confront a different set of challenges that have never been seen in our history. We have never closed the doors for more than a few days, typically only over Bank holidays. We currently face an uncertain time frame which our facilities will be shut. Accordingly, the committee held an emergency meeting to address in detail what this means for us.

Firstly, we would like to thank you for your continuing support. Kirklees Rebound are very grateful for the offer you have made to continue paying your child’s fees. We are facing many uncertain times at the minute with Coronavirus and the support of parents like yourself is very much appreciated, this ensures the club continues to exist and provide the best trampolining to your children once this situation has passed. As a committee we have tried to communicate the best way going forward and how we can make this as easy as possible and fair across the board.

As a committee we have discussed various options but wanted to make parents aware of the different options available and give parents the choice.

As a club we understand the financial implications of this current crisis and feel we do not want parents to feel pressured to pay fees, whilst we cannot provide the service at this time.

The options are:

·        Fees can be cancelled fully until trampolining resumes

·        Full Fees can still be paid by monthly direct debit

·        Half monthly fees can still to be paid by direct debit

·        A one-off donation

Please let us know how you would like to continue.

The committee would like to emphasise how grateful we are for any donation received but also want to make members aware that the situation is changing all the time and we are constantly taking advice from British Gymnastics, The Government and the NHS.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will be up and running again as soon as we can.

Please do not feel pressured into making any financial decisions at this time. If you feel that you can continue payments or donate at the moment but your situation changes in time, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will adjust or cancel your payment/donation as needed - we will support you in this difficult time.


Exciting news

We are really pleased to announce some exciting news.  A new dedicated trampoline facility has been approved in Huddersfield for Kirklees Rebound Trampoline Club and we will be working in partnership with the new Huddersfield Trampoline Academy, located in Milnsbridge.

The new facility will provide 8 trampolines, an air bag, overhead rig system and large matted area.

It will accommodate all current trampolinists from KRTC and provide classes for anyone wishing to join the club at all ages and ability levels.

The new Centre will be open 7 days a week catering for recreational, schools, parties, corporate bookings, home schooled children, community use and adults as well as competitive classes. We will have onsite free parking and new social areas for parents.

This will be staffed by a dedicated coaching team with expertise from recreational through to national level competition. Most of our sessions will stay at the same times and with the same coaches, however there may be some flexibility to have optional extra training hours too.

Timescales and further updated information will be released as soon as possible, however this may now take a little longer due to the current situation with coronavirus. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for further exciting developments.

Sessions Suspended Until Further Notice

Unfortunately due to the current situation and closure of the Leisure Centre, training sessions have been suspended until further notice. Please have a look at our Facebook page for daily updates on how our members are keeping fit, healthy and happy!

Easter Raffle

We are still running a chocolate raffle however due to the current Corona Virus outbreak, this will be run once we are able to resume sessions. We would gratefully accept any donations of chocolate themed goodies to include in the prizes. If you are able to keep some goodies to one side and bring them to your session when training resumes, it would be appreciated!

KRTC Facebook Page


Our Facebook page is being updated daily with pictures of our members staying fit, healthy and happy during this worrying time. There are also different activity idea's to keep the creative juices flowing! Have a look and if you have pictures of you exercising or completing an activity, please send it through to Amy 

New Fund Raising 2020


We will continue to look at different ways of raising funds whilst the club is closed. If you have a fun idea that you think would be great for the club, let us know. If you would like to help with an event or join the fundraising team please speak to your coach for more information  or Click here 

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