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Training Sessions

Our sessions are held throughout the week and members will be advised which session they should attend. Our coaches regularly assess the members during training to allow for good progression both within the session and within the club. We work to our members strengths and comfort, encouraging self-confidence along the way.

Competitive Recreational

These sessions also run throughout the week and are for those recreational members just ready to move into wider club competitions but not quite ready for the full Competitive teams. They will enter  inter-club competitions which are held at various clubs in the region and sometimes throughout the country!


Development sessions run throughout the week and are slightly longer sessions than the recreational ones. These are for members that are ready to compete to higher levels and possible progression through to the Elite teams.  There are several Development levels and members are placed in the level to suit them as per Coaches assessments.


Our Elite team is our highest competitive level. Members of the Elite team train several times a week and will represent the club at many competitions, possibly even going on to represent the County!

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